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You Gotta Move It, Move It!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

When I heard that the theme of August's SOS content and event is "Align: Mind and Body" I was both exhilarated and a little terrified. After all, I was the chubby girl who dreaded gym class. I was never able to jump over the horse or climb the rope and I managed to get out of swim class in high school because I kept postponing it and then took an internship my senior year which kept me away from the dreaded pool. But, as I aged, I realized that movement

doesn't mean we have to be Olympic Gold Medalists. As an adult, I still love to ride my bike. In fact, I bought a new one during the pandemic. I enjoy weight training and boxing and I go to Pilates and Spin when my schedule allows. And I confess...I sometimes dance around my apartment to music when folding laundry or doing other dreaded chores.

Little movements matter too. I walk whenever I can and I try to stand up and stretch after hours spent hunched over my laptop Whether you're a triathlete or a slothful and reluctant exerciser like me, movement is important.

  • Exercise puts me in a better mood and gives me energy for the day.

  • Gyms and workout groups can be fun places to connect with like-minded people.

  • Being agile in both body and mind will help us live longer.

  • Then, of course, the ultimate movement is travel and adventure. This summer I plan to visit many places for business and pleasure. Moving to a new location (whether it's another room in your house or a new state) can give you a new perspective on life.

So, now you just need to move your fingers to your keyboard and register for the upcoming Align event. And remember that "Tables for Six" are back. So, if you just prefer to move your mouth and a fork, we have something for you too!

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