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Become a Speaker

We are honored that you are interested in speaking at an SoS event!  We would love to get to know you and learn about your values and experiences.

We want every interaction with SoS to be of value to the people we serve.  We care that our speakers have a similar outlook and takes to heart the depth of which we want to influence the community.  What we have learned is that SoS speakers also walk away with tremendous value - the gift of sharing and the inspiration that comes with having a meaningful impact on women looking for guidance.

If you haven't attended an SoS event, we encourage you to sign up to an upcoming event and/or view our past events here.

SoS is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization so we have little (aka no) budget for speakers, so you'll want to be someone who wants to share knowledge freely. 

Our Audience:

We are primarily a woman-based organization, however we welcome anyone who identifies otherwise, but is supportive of women in the workplace. Our members are early in their career through very tenured, in all roles from administration to CEO, and represent all industries.

What Our Speakers Bring to Our Group:

Speakers who come to SoS need to know that we aren't the typical "Sales and Business Networking" group. While networking may be a natural by-product, our focus is education and content that builds confidence and leadership skills, blurring the personal and professional line for each individual.

SoS Provides:

  • Template and outline for Presentation

  • Deck/Powerpoint (if needed)

  • Invitation/RSVP Process

  • Attendee Information

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Press Release

  • Search Engine SEO

If you think you/your topic is a great for our audience, we are now accepting speakers/topics for 2024 event calendar. Please take a few minutes to fill out the form below and an SoS team member will reach out to you. 

Speaker Interest Form


Thanks for submitting!

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