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Ready to Fly? Super Hero Summer is Here!

Every summer, the film industry releases action-packed films featuring an eclectic range of people with superhuman powers.

They typically save the world.

I related to Lois Lane and Superwoman when I was a little girl. I wanted to investigate and write about exciting things but also help others.

I couldn't fly or demolish an entire city with a side glance, but I realized over time that each of us is born with or cultivates at least ONE super skill that helps others.

  • Maybe you're THE CLOSER, called in to bring that warm lead over the edge in your sales job.

  • How about THE CONNECTOR? With a vast social media and live following, you are the first to recommend others for jobs, advice, or social activities.

  • Or you may, like me, be THE STORYTELLER, able to churn out short- and long-form content.

  • Perhaps you're THE CALCULATOR and can look at a spreadsheet and immediately draw conclusions.

  • THE FIXER is adept at helping to solve work and life problems -- from frozen phone screens to significant issues with friends and family.

Get the idea?

Like all superheroes, you have a secret fortress, kryptonite, sidekicks, arch-enemies, and perhaps even an unassuming alter-ego.

And yet, we often forget or doubt our unique capabilities or feel they aren't enough.

July and August are Super Hero Summer at SOS. What does that mean?

We'll be using our own Society of Saleswomen superpowers and volunteer team to deliver:

  • Swamini mentoring, where you can learn to find and fine-tune your powers and maybe even find a fortress or sidekick.

  • Live and digital events where you can look to other superheroes for support and inspiration and perhaps even form your own Justice League.

  • Member profiles across all our social media platforms showcasing the varied powers of our group's members. Want to be profiled? It's easy!

  • An ongoing book club, where members can flex their reading and discussion muscles.

  • And we'll be gathering a small team of superheroes together to map out the future of SOS and build (with our bare hands) Fall/Winter and 2024 programs that meet the needs of our diverse membership. (We are deliberately calling this SUPER HERO SUMMER because everyone who supports our community is welcome to SOS!) Contact me over the next two weeks with any thoughts or suggestions.

While working hard at that X-ray vision or charging your EV batmobile, make time this summer to put that cape on and prepare to fly!

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