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Q&A With Nicole Cramer

I bet you're a bit like me... when everything you've planned doesn't exactly go the right way and you get a little frustrated?

Wednesday, we had an incredible event with Nicole Cramer, Sales Coach and Certified Exactly What to Say Guide. If you're not yet familiar with Nicole, she's a former collegiate athlete-turned high school Math teacher-turned superstar saleswoman-turned coach.

Like most of our speakers, we have a follow up Instagram Live, and it was going swimmingly well until my wi-fi decided to crash- and so we lost a good chunk of the juicy follow-up information that Nicole provided to us. I am probably more bummed than peeved, but fortunately I was able to retain some of it to memory; hence, the reason for this impromptu blog post. So to you all - enjoy! And if anyone attended that would like to add anything, please do so in the comments below.

SoS: What's your formula to not feel nervous and appear confident?

Nicole: I do jumping jacks, jump around get loose before I get started. Helps with the nerves. Also- coming in prepared adds confidence.

SoS: Can you tell us more about these magic phrases and why they work?

Nicole: The phrases work on a subconscious level. It's psychological. Most of the phrases are set up to activate your brain's autopilot when making a decision. It's like your heart beat or breathing; your body knows how to automatically regulate and respond. So when a phrase like,"how openminded are you?" is asked, you automatically begin thinking about how openminded you are and want to decide for yourself how openminded you are. It engages the mind.

SoS: How did you learn these phrases? How many times did you fail before the light bulb went off?

Nicole: I'm still not perfect. It takes time, practice and repetition. Like everything, it takes reps. It's like learning a new language. You can get a phrase book, learn some phrases, but you need to immerse yourself and practice to become fluent and more natural.

SoS: What's the best technique for asking for referrals?

Nicole: When and How are the two key components for asking for referrals. When? The best time is after someone says "Thank you". They are already feeling good and more open and willing to help. You can follow it up with either of these magic phrases ... " You couldn't do me a small favor, could you?" and/or " You wouldn't happen to know ... someone just like you, OR just one person... ?" You're basically asking them if they know anyone else who would benefit from the thing they just thanked you for.

SoS: When you're managing a team that has very different work styles and priorities, what types of questions can you ask them to "get on the same page?"

Nicole: I think the most important part is finding out the common ground. There has to be an underlying reason someone is working there. Why do they keep showing up to work? What's in it for them? You're all probably there for the same reasons, it's just HOW you accomplish it that might come up in varying ways. Find out what in common you are all striving toward and work from there.

Again, if you have not seen Nicole's event yet... it is highly recommended viewing.

You can also view the tail end of our IG Live here.

About Nicole Cramer:

Nicole Cramer is an entrepreneurial-based Sales Coach + Speaker, Corporate Sales Trainer, and an Exactly What to Say™ Certified Guide. Nicole’s coaching and training company was founded with the intention to help entrepreneurs remove the challenges and fears around selling and learn how to use conversations to make more sales, get more clients, and have a bigger impact in the world. She established her company after leaving a 7 year corporate sales career. She helps entrepreneurs, sales professionals and corporations to master their authentic sales process, achieve success and maximize their sales wins by bringing the art of communication to a whole new level.

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