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30 "Spring Cleaning" Tips

As we enter the second quarter of 2023, think fresh!

Reflecting on the past 90 (or so) days, what aspects of your work and personal life still need a little cleansing? Or even a major de-tox?

Here are 30 areas you should ponder as we head into "spring cleaning" month at SOS. We picked one for every day in April, but that doesn't mean you need to focus on all of them. Pick one or two and give it a "deep clean!"

  1. Physical health. If you don't have that, making bold moves can be tough. Schedule routine check-ups.

  2. Food and beverage. Food and mood are closely connected. See #4.

  3. Exercise routine. As the weather gets nicer, consider spending more time outside. Here's why.

  4. Mental health. How are you feeling about your job and life these days?

  5. Self-talk. This is related to #2. Focus on the positives and gratitude.

  6. Relationships. Any time of year is a good time for an inventory and de-tox. Think about #7 through #10.

  7. Girlfriends. Do you have enough? The right kind?

  8. Romantic partner. Need one? Don't rush it. Have one? Are they fulfilling your needs?

  9. Family. Are you devoting enough time and attention to them?

  10. Pets. Do you need one? Do you have one? What role do they play in your life?

  11. Social circle. Look at Meetup groups in your area or attend or host a Table for Six. New people may give you new perspectives (and work and activity partners).

  12. Closets. This is a pretty basic one. But it's the place you start your day. If it's messy and you can't find your stuff, perhaps you need to hire a professional organizer.

  13. Wardrobe. Do your clothes reflect the current "you?" Time for an update? Color can play a huge role in mood and personal brand. Consider having your "colors done" to help you simplify your wardrobe and daily choices. Color science is radically different from color theory. This woman taught me all about the psychology behind hues.

  14. Hair. Here are the benefits of changing what's on your head and what's inside it.

  15. Your home. Time for a move? Or simply a rearranging of furniture? Your environment can have a huge impact on your life. How your home or office smells can also affect productivity and happiness.

  16. Where you work. Thinking about a career or job change? It's never too late. Consider engaging a professional to review your resume/CV/LinkedIn profile. See Personal Brand below.

  17. How you work. Are you self-employed and craving more social interaction? Consider a co-working space or other change in environment. (Check out our event in Arizona at WeWork!)

  18. When you work. Have you achieved the right work/life integration, or do you use work as an excuse for making other major life decisions?

  19. Cultural activities. Reading, movies, theater, or other options that expand your mind are plentiful. Experiment with new ones! (Join the SOS book club!).

  20. Screen time. Here's why you should unplug more often.

  21. Habits. Mixing up your daily routine can give you new perspectives.

  22. Travel. Here are the health benefits of overseas adventures.

  23. Volunteerism. It can make you happier.

  24. Your legacy. Although no one likes to think about mortality, having a will and a succession plan is critical (especially as you get older). Seek out a great estate attorney.

  25. Memorabilia. Digitizing family photos and emptying out that storage unit can be therapeutic. And it can free up more space in your environment and enable you to share the joy with friends and family.

  26. Music playlist. It's a fact. What you listen to can change your thinking.

  27. Your social media presence. How do you come across online? Time for a refresh?

  28. Your personal brand. Establishing a strong, specific, and compelling presence can lead to new opportunities -- at work and in life.

  29. Your business brand. If you're an entrepreneur, take a look at your current look and messages and consider an upgrade.

  30. Memberships.'s the April low-key sales pitch. Consider joining and volunteering for SOS to get a new and fresh perspective on women in business.

No matter what you "clean" this month or whether you give it a brief dusting or a complete makeover, change can be exhilarating and can clear the way for new opportunities, expanded thinking, and a mood shift.

So, grab that metaphorical Roomba, mop, or Swifter, and let's do some spring cleaning!

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