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Who Wants to Be a sheMILLIONAIRE?

Last year, I wrote about "money shame" in honor of Money Madness month at SOS.

This year, I'm writing about why more women don't hit the million-dollar mark in business and life.

Although that number ($1,000,000) has become a "holy grail" in business success, women often have other priorities in life and don't always believe that size matters regarding their bank accounts.

It's not just about the money, honey!

Whereas some people (men and women) like to see those big figures in their bank accounts primarily as an ego feed, earning power can afford us more flexibility and opportunities like:

And yes, women who have "made it" financially may have a confident swagger, although "prosperity" may have a different definition for many people.

You can be rich in life without having millions.

But if you do aspire to be a sheMILLIONAIRE...
  • Choose a lucrative vocation, but don't sacrifice happiness for cash. And make sure you're not so stressed at work that you can't enjoy life. Service businesses are more challenging to scale than product businesses (passive revenue) and may require more time and energy 24/7.

  • Start saving early for expenses like education and retirement. Maintain a nest egg.

  • Rely on financial advisors you like and trust and who really "get" you and your goals. Investment scams account for $4 billion in losses!

  • Pay attention to your expenses and income at all times.

  • Learn from other women who reached the $1,000,000 level and heed their advice!

Our Table for Six in Phoenix will be a frank and fun discussion.

If you'd like to host your own TfS in YOUR region in March, please get in touch! You only need to pick a restaurant (or another venue), and we will help you do the rest!

We're also always looking for contributors to this blog, so reach out this month if you have a story to tell about MONEY.

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