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What is Help?

How can you give it? How can you get it? How can you even figure out what you need -- and who might give it to you?

This seems like an appropriate topic for the launch of the new SOS.

SOS is the signal for help. It’s a Morse Code distress signal, although many people think it stands for “Save Our Souls” or “Save Our Ship.”

Distress doesn’t necessarily mean you have major physical or psychological woes.

It could be as simple as having a work or life challenge that you need help navigating.

It could be a hiring or job-hunting need, transitioning to something new in your personal life, a minor or major decision you face, or a relationship issue.

Throughout our lives, we face new experiences that require a different set of skills and perspectives that will help us get through choppy waters (metaphorically).

But sometimes we are afraid to get help, either because:

  • We’re not able to pinpoint exactly what we need.

  • We believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness.

  • We’re not sure who can help us.

  • We’ve had bad experiences in the past asking for help and not getting it (or getting the wrong kinds of help)

  • Some other reason -- like fear of retribution or breaches of confidentiality.

Learning WHO to ask, WHAT to ask, and WHEN to ask are all the keys to getting the help we want and need.

You don’t have to be drowning to ask for help. You may simply want to hear perspectives from other people who’ve been through similar situations or have skills and abilities that differ from yours.

Although I’m close to 70 years old and am often perceived as confident, smart, and experienced, I still often need help in many aspects of my life.

I have been hesitant when I need help. I was raised to believe that I was clever and strong

and should be able to figure out complex things. And sometimes I’m not even sure what kind of help I need. When people disappoint me, I think, “I might as well do everything myself!” Sound familiar?

When I was younger and just starting out, I wish I had a group like SOS to help me navigate the various stages of my life and experiences like:

  • Career development -- from job hunting after college to starting my business to transitioning to a new type of role

  • Health challenges -- from PMS to menopause to major surgery (and even nasty little inconveniences that kept me from performing 100% at work)

  • Motherhood and grandmotherhood

  • Making friends and business connections in an all-new city after moving cross-country

  • Toxic relationships that interfered with my self-esteem and productivity

  • Day-to-day business challenges and referrals

The list could go on and on and everyone’s is a little different.

And now, I find that I can find help from a wide range of people -- including some many years younger than I am and with entirely different perspectives.

We built SOS so that we have a safe and reliable community to turn to at all stage of our lives and careers, so we can get exactly the type of help we need -- and discover new ways to ask for that help.

So, how can you help US in 2024?

  1. Learn more about what we do.

  2. Please join -- either as a free or paid member.

  3. Attend one of our live or digital events

  4. Volunteer! We’re looking for committee members, as well as contributions to this blog.

And, more important, how can we help YOU?

Your feedback on the new SOS is not just welcomed -- it’s encouraged!

Help us help you -- in 2024 and perhaps for the rest of your life!

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