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We Put the Treat in Retreat

"I've never been to one of these before!"

That was what one of the 15 professional women at our Retreat admitted during the Welcome Ceremony on Thursday night.

But even if some of us had been to all-women gatherings previously, none of us had ever been to anything quite like the first-ever Society of Saleswomen Mind Body Business Retreat at the oh-so-scenic Sky Rock Inn in Sedona.

I've been to a few women's retreats over the years, and this one checked (and highlighted) ALL of the boxes for a great retreat. They include:

  • An eclectic and open group of women of all ages and stages -- entrepreneurs, potential founders, moms, grandmothers, corporate employees, artists, and yogis. We discovered that we had so many commonalities, despite the fact that we came from at least five different stages, multiple generations, and a variety of vocations.

  • The perfect balance of work time and playtime. Educational sessions were led by our leaders -- Cindy, Jessica, and Keary.

  • Shared unique experiences -- an awe-inspiring hike, a gong ceremony from the wonderful Emily Hunter (whose late mother was one of the only women gong makers...she's following in her footsteps!), aura photography and crystal shopping, and even a rough and rugged scenic jeep tour.

  • Tasty food, wine, and cocktails (including a toast at The Vault to one of the group member's 40th birthday)

"Come as you are" is part of the Society of Saleswomen's USP (unique selling proposition, for those of you who don't know marketing lingo) and the Retreat checked that box too. No make-up, no apologies. No topic -- from mentoring to menopause -- was off-limits during the weekend.

What treats did I personally get from the weekend?

  • New connections, laughter, and a sense of community with my new "sisters."

  • A reminder of how much I love hiking, yoga, and meditation. All are on my to-do list now!

  • Great perspectives on things I need to change in my business and personal life and leadership style.

  • A couple of stones and crystals and a photo of my aura, along with a 23-page explanation, from The Mystical Bazaar. (Everyone needs a little woo-woo in their life!)

We asked some of the other attendees what they got out of the Retreat. Here's just a sample...

"The hike was beautiful; It pushed me physically and mentally."
"Sedona is like Disneyland for adults. The perfect place for a retreat!"
"I was a bit cynical at first, but when I returned, I put the techniques I learned into practice and I can already see changes in my business and life!"

Missed the Retreat this year? Not to worry. Rumor has it that the 2023 Retreat will be in Costa Rica, so get that suitcase, bathing suit, and passport ready! And don't forget our monthly live and digital events all year-long!

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