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This Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Facts and stats.

As women in sales and business, we live with them every day.

Pricing...quotas...number of days to deal close...bonus payouts...salary negotiations.

Numbers tell stories.

So, in celebration of Women in Sales Month, we're bringing you an at-a-glance visual (not a spreadsheet!) with some of the key compelling data about women in sales today.

  • Share it with your colleagues (men AND women).

  • Ponder some of the discrepancies and commit to changing them.

  • And please join either one of our 50-person online gatherings and/or a close-up and personal Table for Six.

What's ONE more thing you can do?

Tell us YOUR story and we'll publish it here.

Writing not your jam? We'll interview you and write the story for you. (You'll approve it before it goes live, of course!)

Check out the visuals, below!

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