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The Vision Board… NOT Just a Collage Party with Wine!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

A New York cynic by nature, I have always had a distinct aversion to vision boarding. (At some point, the act of creating a vision board became a verb.)

I had a very narrow view of what vision boards were all about. A bunch of people -- usually women -- get together with scissors and glue sticks and adult beverages, cut pix out of magazines, and make colorful displays on giant poster boards. Some of them are so busy and filled with words and images that I got blurry vision just looking at them.

But then I attended last year’s Vision Board workshop and followed up with a private session with Jessica.

Virtually 100% of what was on my board came to fruition in 2021.

If “done right,” the process for creating (and executing against) a vision board can be as powerful as creating a mission, vision, and action plan for a new business (which I’ve done many times in my career).

We need to simply look beyond the board itself and invest in the process. Wrapping our heads and hearts about what will bring us joy and give us a sense of fulfillment is the behind-the-scenes work that leads to the cutting and pasting part.

I not only created a vision board for 2022, but I also created a micro-mini-board just for the month of January.

My boards (the full-year and monthly versions) are created in Canva. Digital media gives me

virtually unlimited options for imagery and typography, I can keep my board on my desktop (where I see it whenever I log in for the day). It also lives on my phone.

But whether you’re a scissors and glue kinda boarder or someone who dreams in the cloud, a hard-core believer in manifestation, a skeptic, or undeclared, I heartily recommend you join the event this year.

And, of course, you can still bring your wine!

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