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Street Smarts & School Smarts

Back-to-school season has begun.

And we can learn lessons at any age and stage.

Some people have great academic credentials but no common sense or emotional intelligence.

Others may not have excelled (or even finished) school but can do great things in business and life.

Most importantly, we are capable of learning new things each day.

Curiosity, openness to new thinking, and reflection on our mistakes (and how they helped us evolve) are all part of the "schooling process."

This fall, I'm launching my first-ever video podcast (although I've been a guest on countless others and have taught many webinars).

In high school and college, I was the writer, director, and sometimes propmaster, so being on center stage feels uncomfortable (and more than a little narcissistic) to me.

However, I know that personal branding can help me scale my business and help others in the process. So, I'm putting on those headphones and bellying up to the camera and the mike.

Why am I telling you that? It's not just because I want you to tune in (although that would be awesome).

I am illustrating that even though I'm close to 70, I'm doing something uncomfortable, educational, and challenging. I've already learned a ton about the podcasting industry.

So, as you enter back-to-school season, reflect on:

  1. What do you need to learn to help you get to the next level -- at work or in life?

  2. Who are the best "teachers" in that space? (Be sure to listen to them!)

  3. What "homework" do you need to do on yourself or skills to help you graduate at the head of your class?

Please share your goals with us, and we can even help guide you toward the best mentors and resources!

And, if you're in the Phoenix area, please join us for our "Back to School" Table for Six!

Straight A's are in your future!

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