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Positive Self-Talk: How to Silence That Nasty Little Voice in Your Head

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

We all do it from time to time. We:

  • Doubt our capabilities

  • Compare ourselves to others and worry that we don't measure up

  • Beat ourselves up over little mistakes

  • Apologize for things we can't control

  • Make self-deprecating jokes

  • Have trouble accepting praise

  • Look in the mirror and only notice our flaws

Why do we allow that internal enemy to ever tell us that we are not enough, too much, or simply wrong?

Shutting down that inner negative voice is the first step in getting to a point of true self-love (our theme for February -- the month of love).

You wouldn't let other people talk to you the way you sometimes talk to yourself (silently).

Self-hatred (an extreme state of mind) has roots in many experiences and patterns. Overcoming it takes time and practice.

"Those who find themselves frequently engaging in negative self-talk tend to be more stressed. This is in large part due to the fact that their reality is altered to create an experience where they don't have the ability to reach the goals they've set for themselves." VeryWellMind

Even if you generally love yourself, think about those little things you do that exude self-doubt. For example, women are more likely to say "I'm sorry," even for things we didn't do.

Over the month of February, you'll be learning new skills to build your confidence and to heal faster from minor psychological wounds.

So, when that little voice talks trash to you, you'll be better equipped to turn off the volume, give yourself a big hug, and say, " don't know what you're talking about. Please go away."

We want to hear YOUR techniques for shutting down the negative self-talk and moving towards self-acceptance and self-love. Please feel free to add your comments. (We'll love you for it!)

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