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Grateful Much?

Whether or not words of affirmation is your primary love language, you probably like to hear "thank you," "great job," or some variation from time to time.

Sadly, recognition is sorely lacking in many companies and within work teams today. These statistics are startling and sad.

Let's be grateful for what we CAN do to change the game...

Work or live with ungrateful people? Take charge of your gratitude practice!

Expressing gratitude can make you happier and healthier, according to a study reported by the Harvard Business Review.

Just ONE act of gratitude can produce an immediate 10 percent happiness increase and 35 percent reduction in depressive symptoms. Source

100 Ways to Express Gratitude

Being grateful doesn't have to feel like it's forced or a chore. Here are 100 (yes, 100!) simple and meaningful things you can do -- every day.

What are we at the Society of Saleswomen doing to express gratitude to all of you? We're launching a series of intimate gratitude dinners this holiday season and encouraging women worldwide to plan their own. (It's super simple, and you'll be thankful you did!)

What are we at SOS grateful for this year?

  • The fantastic women who volunteered for our organization and attended our virtual and live events. (We are always seeking new volunteers who want to give back. You'll be grateful you did!).

  • Technologies that enable us to connect with people worldwide and build new business and personal relationships with a wide range of women.

  • Speakers who have expanded our minds and given us great ways to work better, communicate better, and even choose our clothes better.

  • The women who came to our first-ever retreat and cabana events and shared their insights, humor, and hearts.

  • The mentors who have helped enrich our careers and lives.

As you wrap up 2022 and get ready to head into the new year, reflect on what you're grateful for and how you will build some thanks into 2023!

And thank you all for being part of our community! We're just getting started...

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Gratitude is so powerful that research has shown that by completing a gratitude journal for even a brief time (between one and three weeks) people experienced significantly improvement in the following areas: Physical health; higher immunity, lower blood pressure, better quality sleep.

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