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Bored of the (Vision) Board?

Two years ago, I attended an SOS online event that changed my life.

A natural skeptic, I reluctantly attended a vision boarding workshop led by SOS co-founder Jessica Wiederhorn.

"Ugh," I thought to myself. "It'll just be a whole lotta woo-woo and women cutting pictures out of magazines, like one big 'Pinterest-meets-quilting-bee-cluster-flock.'"

In fact, I now see pop-ups on Facebook and Insta for invitations to "Vision Boarding parties," which are precisely that. Wine, whine, women, and lots of crazy glue.

But that wonderful interactive SOS evening in January 2020 introduced me to a unique way of envisioning the year ahead. I combined what I learned in the vision board workshop with my current process of setting specific business and life goals for the year and KPIs (key performance indicators).

And it also led to my co-authoring a book with Jessica.

When combined with pragmatic analysis and action, the reality is that a little arts and crafts and woo-woo can lead to great things.

I use Canva to create my annual board and then set up a private session with Jessica to discuss what's on it and why.

She pushes me to infuse my otherwise cynical and task-oriented brain with faith, meditation, and "manifestation stuff." (I meditate at night before falling asleep because I'm too hyper to sit and focus during daytime hours.)

I even bought a few crystals when I was at the SOS Retreat last June.

2021 and 2022 were fantastic years. Much of what was on my board came to fruition, and I felt way more focused, determined, and positive.

This year's workshop will be expanded to include more ways to incorporate your hopes and dreams into your otherwise tedious and obligation-packed lives as a working woman (or a guy who lives and/or works with you).

We promise we won't confiscate your magazines, scissors, and glue if that's your jam. And we totally support any process that helps you get clearer, more successful, and happier with your work and life.

So, jump on board this month!

A little woo-woo can never hurt.

P.S. We'll also host Table for Six events in local markets to share and discuss our boards. (I'm hosting one in Phoenix on January 30th.)

Let us know if you want to host one in YOUR city. All you need to do is make a restaurant reservation, agree to facilitate the convo, and share your pix! Manifest a whole new group of colleagues and friends!

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