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2021 Eyesight: How is Your Business Vision?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

I've worn glasses since I was in second grade, so I don't recall when I had naturally perfect eyesight.

I have very vivid memories of getting my first-ever contact lenses and being able to see a sign in the grocery store window across the street from the ophthalmologist's office. No young woman was ever so thrilled to see the price of tomatoes.

As I grew older, my specs simply became a big part of my fashion wardrobe and I accepted and embraced my less-than-20-20 vision, finding creative ways to compensate.

So, what does any of this have to do with professional development and sales?

The ability to see clearly, notice (and get joy from) small details, and respond to the world around us all contribute to professional and personal success.

Sometimes we see things right in front of our faces (the toxic company culture, a perfect job opportunity, that new connection) and choose to ignore them or convince ourselves that they're not real.

Other times, we need to pop in those corrective lenses (turning to people we trust or looking at a problem from different angles) to see a challenge or new path more clearly.

Next week, SOS will be leading a vision board workshop. Although none of us went to optical school (as far as we know), we'll be sharing techniques to help you map out a clearer map for your professional and personal future.

As we all navigate 2021, let's look to each other to head down our unique paths without tripping and falling. Even if you are fortunate enough to have perfect eyesight, others can often show you lights, angles, and "tomatoes on sale" that you might otherwise miss!

Business Vision Fun Facts:

  • The global eyewear industry is booming and is expected to grow to close to $260B in 2027.

  • Woman-founded company Eyebobs has become the go-to fashion brand for reading glasses.

  • According to neuroscientists, visualizing goals can play a huge role in business success.

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