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12 Joys of 2021 and SOS

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Tis the season of miracles and gratitudes.

When I moved to Arizona from NY, I missed my friends and colleagues back east. And then, the pandemic was in full swing and live events were no longer an option.

But then, Christine Rogers of Aspireship told me about the Society of Saleswomen. At first, I expressed my distrust of and bad experiences with women's groups. I had even run one back east and the politics and gossip were exhausting.

I attended a virtual event and my professional network suddenly expanded exponentially and I was instantly proven wrong.

At the risk of sounding too woo-woo (and, after all, the organization was founded in California), this women's group operates at a whole different vibrational frequency. I attended most of the events throughout 2021 and each one helped me grow as a professional.

Equally important, I have a whole new support network of women of all ages and stages.

  1. I learned how to create a vision board that integrates my business and personal goals. Jessica can teach even this hard-core NY cynic about manifestation! (Most of the stuff on it has happened.)

  2. Leading my own workshop (on finding one's superpowers) helped me hone my teaching skills.

  3. Each month, I worked closely with Emily O'Kane and Jessica on marketing and PR plans and idea generation. Collaboration during the pandemic was key!

  4. I learned how to say no gracefully.

  5. Focusing on money is something I shy away from, but a guest speaker made it almost seem fun.

  6. Because the group is so diverse, my brain cells multiplied by hearing a wide range of perspectives and experiences in our breakout groups.

  7. Once the world began opening up again, I had the pleasure of hosting two Table for Six events, which brought a diverse and fun group of women together in Arizona. Next year, I hope to travel to some of the events in California and host more here.

  8. Manvember presented some great opportunities for men and women to talk -- no BS -- about some of the issues facing women in the workforce today.

  9. When we're balancing work, family, and friends, taking care of ourselves often falls lower on the priority list. Some of the speakers emphasized self-care and offered realistic tips.

  10. I love technology. Especially technology that makes our lives as humans easier. I learned how to use Wix when writing my blogs and I shared new platforms with my "sisterhood." Yeah, that sounds a bit geeky, but I'm not apologizing.

  11. By introducing other women to SOS, I've expanded their circles and "paid it forward."

  12. Although it hasn't happened yet, the SOS holiday event is sure to be a blast. Last year's was different from those awkward ZOOM celebrations. Like the monthly events, it was dynamic and full of laughter and surprises.

So, you might consider joining SOS to your 2022 resolutions. (But do it this year, so you can attend the holiday celebration.) You don't even need to have "sales" in your title. Or, be a woman for that matter.

I'm grateful to the founds who started this amazing group, and I'm eager to see what we can manifest in 2022!

(And, if you have perspectives on what SOS gave YOU in 2021, please write a post. This space is open to all!)

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