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July 7, 2021 at 7:00:00 AM

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Contact: Nancy Shenker



Post-Pandemic “Superpowers” Unlock New Potential


Marketing consultant Nancy A Shenker and her fearless sidekick Sarah Cicala, both comic book fans, have embraced their inner superheroes and now help other women do the same.

[Los Angeles, California] — After a challenging year, many people have found themselves in a post-pandemic slump, feeling defeated, lost and confused, or just run-down. As Nancy A Shenker explains, "Now is the time to look within and emerge from our fortresses of solitude stronger than ever.

"The pandemic has left many people feeling powerless," she notes. "In this case, the villain was a worldwide virus. But, just as injured superheroes find inner strengths, we need to do that as well, avoiding kryptonite and surrounding ourselves with the right Justice League" Shenker says.

To that end, Nancy and her power squad at Phoenix-based marketing consultancy theONswitch, LLC, are equipping global superhero professionals through their branding and coaching program, "Get Your Cape On" and Shenker’s free e-book 10 Tips For Discovering Your Inner Superpowers: Define Your Inner Strength ... Transform Your Life & Business . Shenker, the author of five other books, draws upon a long corporate marketing career in — including roles as CMO at Reed Exhibitions (producers of ComicCon) and senior executive roles at Citibank and Mastercard — in her work with clients across industries.

Central to the coaching program is the idea of finding your own “Justice League” of people who support and balance you, both professionally and personally. It’s an idea Shenker puts into practice. She’s recently teamed up with fellow superwoman and creative, Sarah Cicala, to help her WOW and save clients.

"I'm Robin to Nancy's Batwoman," says Cicala. "We are three decades apart and I have a range of complementary skills."

Both Shenker and Cicala will be sharing their expertise at an upcoming Society of Saleswomen event, Finding Your Superpower. The event will take place Thursday, July 15th from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST on ZOOM. Anyone who needs a little oomph in their career, business, or life or those who need to awaken (or find) their inner superpower is invited to join.


About Society of Saleswomen: Society of Saleswomen unites women in all sales disciplines. The mission is simple: cultivate an environment where women can be empowered to unify, connect, and support each other in their craft. The vision for SOS is to create a space where women in sales and entrepreneurship can discuss the unique experiences that affect them in sales and sales leadership roles. The organization provides tools, resources, support, and encouragement through in-person events, small dinner groups, digital access, and forums. All female or female-supportive/hiring members are welcome.


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